Making Lunch in a Box Fun For All Ages...


Bento is the Japanese art form of making a packaged lunch. It has taken a simple meal and turned it into an occasion, with beautifully designed lunchboxes and food that is so fun it resembles culinary art. Traditionally in Japan a bento consists of rice, fish, and seaweed. In recent years Americans have taken the concept of the bento lunch and run wild with it. New American Style bento lunchboxes have hit the market and kids (and adults alike) all across the country are eating lunch out of bento style lunchboxes. Gone are the days of boring brown paper bag lunches... here comes the bento!

Bentos come in all shapes and sizes and rarely look like the traditional lunchbox you may have grown up with. They may have compartments to maximize space, they may be oval shaped or shaped like a Geisha doll, they may also be tiered and stackable. They can be made of plastic, ceramic, wood, or stainless steel.

Another common practice with bento is arranging the food inside them decoratively... perhaps shaping hard boiled eggs into fish or animals, making an octopus out of a hotdog or making faces with seaweed and colored rice.
You can have any type of meal you want in any bento you want... raw, vegan, gluten free, sugar free, name can make it. And what about Halloween bentos, Easter bentos, and Christmas bentos.... make your child's lunch hour and yours a fun one everyday! Bento lunches are for the young, old... anyone who wants to make meals more exciting.

Of course you don't have to be a child to enjoy a good bento box. Adults carry bentos boxes of all shapes and sizes to work every day.
Some great things about the art of bento:

Bentology LunchboxBentology

The Bentology Lunchbox is my preferred lunchbox for kids. It is made of safe, non-leaching plastics and it is a durable lunchbox that can be used for many years. The compartments make it easy to pack delicious, nutritious lunches every day. It is easy to clean and easy to use. You can buy it with a matching carrying bag and water bottle too! This bento lunchbox is my top pick! Read my in depth review of the Bentology Lunchbox.
Mr Bento LunchboxThe Zojirushi Mr. Bento

This is a bento for adults or older kids, like teens. It is actually a lunch "jar" that is unique and functional. It is made of stainless steel and has vacuum insulation. There are four inner bowls and a washable container that holds them. Included is a convenient carry strap for easy transport to school or work. There is also a Ms. Bento that holds less food and has a more feminine look for the ladies.
Lunchbots Lunch Carriers

Lunchbots lunch carriers are made up of stainless steel and do not leach harmful chemicals that can be found in plastic containers.
Lunchbots are child and eco-friendly accommodations that can be washed and reused. It is the ideal alternative for parents ensuring the safety of their kids from toxic chemical influences that can harm their health. 
Tiffin LunchboxesTo-Go Ware Two Tier Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Stainless, stylish & stackable! This 2-tier tiffin system that hails from India. It is reusable, lightweight, and has a lid that doubles as a plate. It's easy to carry and clean, but hard to live without. Great for both cold or hot food, and the planet, too. Fold down the handle to make it compact and easy to store. Perfect for work, school, picnics, or a night out (makes for a stylish doggy bag). One or two? Up to you! 
ThinkBaby Bento SetA Great Bento Option for Toddlers and Babies!
This ThinkBaby bento set is perfect for very young kids. It has bowls in two sizes (with lids) a mug, utensils, and a bento box with secure lid. Free of BPA, PVC, phthalate lead, and melamine. It is very stylish, functional, and great for use at day cares, preschools, zoos, and other places you may need to bring food.
This set is made of stainless steel and covered in safe plastics.  
Vivo Stackable LunchboxesVivo Bento Boxes
This is a very stylish square bento box for older kids and adults. It is comprised of three stackable trays so that food is compartmentalized and separate. One tray could hold a sandwich, one tray could hold cut veggies and dip, and another tray could have some beef and noodles left over from the previous night's dinner. It is great for meals on the move. Reusable, dish washer safe. Lively color combinations make picnics or an everyday lunch an event.  
Light My Fire Bento Lunch BoxLight My Fire - Triangle Shaped Bento & Spork!!
The affordable Light My Fire LunchBox & Spork set includes the basics for packing a waste-free lunch, or for cutting back on waste when eating at your office, in a cafeteria or at a take-out restaurant. Once we got it in our hands, the possibilities seemed endless – dorm rooms, corporate cafeterias, even cook outs – bring this compact kit along and you can say no to paper plates and disposable utensils no matter where you are. 
Fit And Fresh Lunch SetSimple and Sweet: The Fit & Fresh Lunch on the Go

This is a multi-layer lunch pack with a re-freezable ice pack. It makes a workday picnic in the park an everyday event. Eat right and eat well when you pack your own delicious lunch and open up to six hours later to a level of freshness you never thought possible. You can, with fit & fresh. Ingredients: Durable plastic, easy to clean. 
Black Blum Lunch PotBlack+Blum Lunch Pot, Bento
A unique spin on an old favorite.. the thermos. These lunch pots can be used to tote food or liquid in style and they stack, bento style! Put warm soup or oatmeal in the bottom pot and a salad or fresh fruit on the top and then use the handy carrying strap to carry it in to work or school. It also comes with a matching spork! How much easier could it be to carry a healthy lunch wherever you go? Above you can see the green color scheme. It is also available in orange AND you can get a Black+Blum bento box. 
Goodbyn LunchboxThe Goodbyn Lunchbox

The whole concept of this lunchbox is awesome… BPA free (safe) plastics, compartments to eliminate the need for plastic baggies and single serving packaging, and it is a pretty hip looking bento. I also like the carrying handle and the ability to use the stickers that come with it to make it completely unique to your child.
Kotobuki Geisha Doll BentoKotobuki Geisha Doll Bento Box!!

Cuteness overload!!! This adorable geisha doll bento box set has two tiers to keep food in separate compartments, and the top tier has a seal on lid to prevent leaking. The included bowl makes preparing instant soups or broths to go along with your bento lunch easy and fun. An elastic band is included to secure the set together.

There is also a Ninja Boy Bento!